There are few things more heart-warming than receiving feedback from a family whose baby or child is now sleeping… and not just sleeping, but sleeping well… and sleeping well independently!

I feel both blessed and privileged to have been welcomed into so many families lives and am honoured to share their thoughts about our experience together with you.

"Our toddler was experiencing multiple night wakings, early risings, taking 2 hours to go to bed and refusing naps. We had been living in a perpetual state of anxiety and stress since he was born. Our marriage was under strain. Our next child was due imminently and we were desperate for change. We couldn't continue on this way, let alone have things get worse when the baby came. Rather than file for divorce and drop the kids off on the nearest church doorstep, we contacted Kim. Kim was so professional and also like an old, trusted friend. She fixed ALL the problems immediately. We can't believe the complete transformation in our sleep and our family. Her greatest asset, apart from the know-how which we lacked, was being our cheerleader. We lacked support as we don't live near family and things had been so bad that we couldn't dump this on friends or a babysitter. We could now confidently say that we could get a friend to babysit without traumatizing them or our son. Our marriage and our sanity is restored. What an angel! Thank you Kim! We won't wait so long if baby has sleep issues!"

"As a new mom it can be scary & frustrating not knowing the reason or how to solve your child's sleeplessness. With Kim's guidance, vast knowledge, and full support, I was able to implement my sleep plan with confidence. I appreciate that she was flexible with scheduling, always transparent, and realistic with my sleep goals. Above all, Kim is a mom herself so she simply understands the challenges we moms go through. There were many other Sleep Consultants I could have selected, but I'm very glad I choose Kim because her support was as if she was present with me all along. Thank you kindly Kim."

"My friend said it all too well: you cannot keep doing this to yourself. You simply cannot be a good mother if you are always tired and as a result cranky! Let's get you some help! And help is what I sought to help manage my children's sleep. It became more and more taxing to face the hours and minutes and seconds during the day as my nights became a sheer gong show whereby I was running back and forth between my 6 month old and 3 year old preschooler. I then found Kim who was a blessing and an angel. Truly, I am in debt to her as her advice resonated with my family and her support was just infinite. It's been a few months now of steady sailing but had it been without Kim Pawlak, I could have easily drowned in 2 feet of water. Thank you Kim."

"I thought I had baby sleep figured out early – we had a "unicorn" baby who slept through the night starting at 8 weeks! Then around 9 months old, she started waking during the night more and more often, but it was always related to something (teething, crawling, sickness etc) and she would eventually return to sleeping through the night. Leading up to her first birthday, she was up 1-2 times a night, every single night. Things only got worse once I returned to work full time, she would wake anywhere from 2-5 times a night and often it would take 1 hour or more to get her back to sleep. Our life was miserable and neither of us could function at work, and our beautiful baby was a cranky tired mess. Life was pretty bleak. We had a unique sleeping arrangement (we shared a one bedroom suite so our baby was in our room) so that added an extra layer of complication. We called Kim after a particularly bad night and I am so so so glad I did. She was able to start working with us right away, and she tailored our sleep plan to fit out unique sleep situation perfectly. The first couple nights weren't the easiest, and if I had just been reading about sleep training through a book I wouldn't have felt confident enough to stick to the plan. But having Kim there to reassure us that we were doing everything right was immensely helpful. Our baby even got sick half way through the training and there was zero pressure from Kim to continue the training until our baby got better, which was much appreciated. Fast forward 3 weeks down the road and our baby girl is sleeping 12 hours a night and we have our life back! The only regret we have is we didn't call Kim sooner...."

"Both of my children woke every 2-3 hours as infants, lucky my first born turned into a unicorn and started sleeping through the night the week before I went back to work.  I had an unrealistic expectation that my son would do the same, however, I soon realized that this was not going to be the case.  After a particularly bad night, I told my husband (somewhat emotionally) that ‘We are getting a sleep trainer! I cannot take this anymore!”  I found Kim’s website and contacted her, we chatted on the phone and we clicked.  I knew I could be vulnerable with her and let her guide us through this nerve racking experience.  I followed her recommendations to a T and my son did beautifully.  It has been a month and a half since we started and the money I paid was the best gift I have ever given myself.  My son now goes to sleep with little fuss and will sleep through until morning.  Kim was awesome and I felt like she was really there for me through this process.  Thanks so much Kim :)"

If you feel as though you are in survival mode and have been looking for a light at the end of the tunnel, know that you don’t have to walk this precarious sleep journey alone.

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