When you’re overtired, so much is compromised

…your ability to parent with compassion, to connect with your spouse, or even just to enjoy your life and time with your baby. I understand that the damaging effects of poor sleep can impact every facet of a family and it can be incredibly overwhelming to know just where to begin to strengthen your child’s sleep.

I can help.

I will work with you, learning about your child’s sleep habits, associations and challenges, and empower you to get your family’s sleep on track so that it is consistent, age-appropriate, and restorative.

Together we will build a customized sleep solution that addresses your child’s specific needs and compliments your parenting philosophies. For me, it’s not just about creating a sleep plan. You need a realistic strategy that fits into your real life with your family. I can help you find that beautiful balance between healthy sleep and living life.

Living Life, Sleeping Well.

I have no desire to confine your family to a “plan” that isn’t realistic or doesn’t sustain long term. While I won’t compromise my belief that in order to achieve sleep wellness a healthy dose of commitment, consistency and dedication has to be applied I do appreciate that, for many families, there has to be some flexibility once a healthy foundation for sleep has been achieved. Whether it be travel, daycare or managing the schedule of 2 or more children, I understand that strategies need to flex based on the individual needs of each family I work with.

This doesn’t mean you can have your cake and eat it too! But it does mean that I appreciate that not all families will fit into the ideal mold with respect to sleep goals and while the initial pathway may be quite stringent, I will help you to navigate and flex in the months and years to come. Living life and sleeping well do not have to be mutually exclusive terms.

I am frequently asked if I offer more than a single approach/method to sleep training?

The short answer is yes 🙂 The more comprehensive answer is that I have been educated in a variety of proven and effective sleep coaching methods and will work with your family to find the methodology that resonates with your parenting style, suits your child’s development and temperament, and importantly, is the one to which you will remain true and consistent.

And while the way you choose to coach your child to improve their sleep habits is important, the support that I provide to your family and the areas that we will focus on extend far beyond “the method”. We will touch base daily and will address sleep hygiene, the timing of your child’s sleep, their routine, longevity of their sleep, feeding and activities – it’s a comprehensive approach that is not limited to a single area of focus.

There are few things more difficult than parenting when you are exhausted – I get that and my role is to wade through the obstacles so that you feel empowered and confident in your choices for your child’s sleep.  There is no need to concede sleeplessness, it is both possible and reasonable to cast off that anchor of exhaustion and allow life to come back together because your child is sleeping so well.

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