Healthy, restorative sleep
for your child, for your family.

It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity.
It’s not a race or a marathon, it’s a journey.
And it’s not one you have to travel alone.

Living Life, Sleeping Well - How It Works


The important nuggets as they relate to your child – sleep history, temperament, family values – drawn from the online sleep audit prior to our consultation.


1.5 hours dedicated to sleep education, hygiene, restoration, and approach – this will serve as the foundation for the plan and changes ahead.


With customized plan in hand, you’ll feel empowered and assured as you begin to make lasting and healthy changes to your child’s sleep.


I’ll be your advocate, your sounding board and your pillar of strength on a daily basis. While you won’t be travelling this path alone, you’ll end our time together prepared for what’s next.


No it won’t happen overnight. But at a pace that is complimentary to your child and mindful of your consistency, healthy sleep will soon become your family’s new norm.

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