Restorative Sleep for Your Family Starts Here

When exhaustion sets in, it can be so difficult to know where to begin. As a once-weary parent, I appreciate the need for clarity amidst the chaos of content related to baby sleep science, biological and environmental influences, routines, schedules and parental response.

Sleep deprived parents, here is your soft place to land. Let’s clear the clutter, demystify your child’s sleep, and work on strengthening your family’s relationship with sleep into something you can be proud of.

Babyhood to Childhood Consultations

10 or 15 day packages with daily support

Support, realism and connection. While the education and plan are important, what will get you through is that each day, you will have me by your side. Following our 90 minute consult, you’ll have my daily guidance, insight and course correction that is specific to your family and your parenting values.

Expectant Parent & Newborns Consultation

60 minutes dedicated to 4th trimester sleep

This is not the time to sleep teach, coach or shape. But it is a beautiful time to learn more about the evolution of sleep for 4th trimester babies and set a stage for sleep that is comforting, calm and connected. An hour dedicated to appreciating what is to come, what to embrace and what to not worry about.

Consultation Packages – For Babies 4.5 months to Toddlerhood & Beyond

Your family’s journey to achieving healthy sleep is unique and so it only makes sense that the dedicated support and plan that you receive be tailored to the specifics of your child’s sleep challenges, their age and development, and your family’s goals. Areas of focus during our time together include:

  • The biological nature of sleep
  • Principles of sleep science
  • Sleep environment and hygiene
  • Fostering independent sleep habits
  • Healthy routines & schedule
  • Biological sleep windows
  • Day and night sleep restoration
  • Nutrition and it’s effect on sleep

In-home consultations are available for an additional charge and should be discussed prior to booking.

Comprehensive Support Consultation

Ideal for families needing a fresh, trained and experienced perspective of how best to strengthen their child’s sleep in a way that is mindful and insightful. Your family will benefit from daily guidance & a safety-net of support and education over a 10 day period.

Premium Support Consultation

Because sometimes, you know you’ll need that little bit more. 15 days of daily connection, with the benefit of in-the-moment assistance through text/messaging. Additional phone calls to connect and motivate – a more intimate experience for those who may need it.

Newborn/Expectant Parent Consultation
– for expecting parents or babies under 16 weeks of age

From the early days of wonder and uncertainty, to that week you finally feel as though “you’ve got this” (even if only for a moment), the 4th trimester is an important time for bonding with baby and nurturing their rapid development.  While sleep can be unpredictable and even a little chaotic, there remains a really positive opportunity to start paving the way for strong, healthy sleep for your sweet little babe.

During this 60-minute phone/video consultation we will discuss ways in which you can start to form positive sleep associations and habits which can circumvent sleep challenges as your baby gets:

  • Encouraging healthy sleep abilities from the beginning
  • Infant sleep safety
  • Advice about your baby’s sleep environment
  • Establishing a nurturing sleep, feeding and wakefulness routine
  • Developing attachment with your baby – what not to worry about!
  • The science of sleep and evolution of sleep needs over the first 16 weeks
  • Readying your family for sleep beyond the 4th Trimester
  • 4th Trimester Resource Guide

Additional Support for Past/Current Clients

Even the strongest of sleeper’s may experience bumps in the sleep road when faced with exciting developmental milestones, changes to their typical routine or day to day structure, or the natural (but sometimes big!) transitions that we expect them to make with respect to their sleep needs.

  • Regressions, vacations or illness can sometimes throw sleep a bit sideways
  • Preparing older sibling’s sleep for baby sibling’s arrival
  • Assistance with transitioning naps or introducing quiet time
  • Navigating daycare, returning to work or evolving your child’s schedule
  • Moving to a new home

Educational Sleep Seminars


Whether at a head office, place of business, community organization or boutique baby store, Kim is happy to tailor her presentation in a way best suited to your needs. Please be in touch to learn more.

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