No judgement. Because goodness knows, as parents, we feel consistently under the microscope with respect to the choices we make…about anything.

I work with a lot of families who have used a baby nest or Dock-A-Tot and the common thread is the very best of intentions to have both baby, and themselves…sleeping…sometimes for longer stretches and sometimes just sleeping at all. Pure exhaustion had set in and they were looking for a solution. And when you look at the anecdotal reviews and experiences, these products give a family hope that this might be a way out of the sleepless trenches.



The thing is, the recommendations that support a clean and clear crib (no bumpers, blankets, sleep positioners or anything other than your sweet babe) are in place for very good reason. It is absolutely the safest way for your baby to be sleeping. Room sharing, with baby in their own crib or bassinette in your room, is the ideal alternate scenario for keeping baby close and recommended by both the Canadian Pediatric Society and the American Academy of Pediatrics over the early months of life.

This Today’s Parent article is a worthwhile few moments of your time – again, no shaming or guilt intended – but so worth the read. Moving your baby out of a baby nest can feel like a big leap! But I promise you, baby will soon be used to their crib and enjoy exploring it’s safe confines and you’ll have the rest and peace of mind that you deserve.