About Kim

About Kim

A Little About Me

I am the proud mama of two little girls who are funny, adventurous, kind and remind me, daily, that a lot of what I thought “mattered” in life actually doesn’t. While very different in their sleep needs and sensitivities, they’re both sound little sleepers, but their the paths haven’t always been easy! I have a background in science, and when I observed how different my two girls were with respect to sleep habits and preferences, it sparked something in me. I was inspired to learn everything I could about the science of sleep, with the goal of helping other families. The catch was that I got caught up where many parents do – spending hours on the internet in desperate search of that sleep nugget I must surely be missing. What occurred to me was that never in my career, in pharmaceutical nor diagnostic imaging education, had I ever turned to Dr. Internet for my training and there was no reason for me to be starting down that pathway now. After a copious amount of research and networking I was accepted to study at one of the world’s leading Certified Sleep Consultant institutes. More on that below.

I’ve been together with my husband for 15 years – he lives hard to play hard, loves the outdoors and takes the term “adventure” to a whole new level – and inspires me to do the same. As a family, we spend as much time as possible in the outdoors – camping and exploring the beautiful back-country of BC, Alberta and The Yukon. Despite the fact that sleep remains a priority during our travels, we are living proof that living life doesn’t have to take a backseat to healthy family sleep.

Honestly, I’m not doing this because I have to, I’m doing it because I want to. I am passionate about healthy sleep. I LOVE supporting “my” families and celebrating the newfound strength of their child’s sleep.  It is so rewarding. I feel privileged to work with parents in such an intimate way and to help align their child’s sleep in a way that strengthens their relationship with their child, with sleep and within their marriage/family.

My role is to educate and empower exhausted families who are tired of their lives revolving around lack of sleep. Despite my training, I’m a parent first – I have tough days with my littles as well and I know how much more difficult it can be to parent effectively and compassionately while surviving on fragmented, non-restorative sleep.

My Education, Accreditation & Training

Family Sleep InstituteBy choice, I am a Certified Sleep Consultant. A graduate of the Child Sleep Consultant program with the Family Sleep Institute. To earn this designation, I completed over 250 hours of study, practicum, and mentorship over many months under some of the world’s leading pediatric sleep and child behavioural experts.

Immediately following my certification in February 2015, I began working with a national group of sleep consultants as the consultant for British Columbia. During this time, I continued my mentorship with seasoned sleep professionals where I gained valuable experience and was privy to many challenging cases. I had the opportunity to help so many babies and families and the expertise that I garnered as part of that group prepared me to start my own practice and to help you.

In addition to being a proud member of the Canadian Sleep Society and National Sleep Foundation, I have received continuing education in the areas of:
  • Sudden Infant Death Sydrome for Professionals (Canadian Police Knowledge Network)
  • Adult Sleep (Patti Tucker, PA-C)
  • Chiropractic & KIds (Dr. Andrew Cooper, DC)
  • Mindfullness for Sleep Consultants (Dr. Debbie Sasson)
  • Positive Parenting Solutions
  • Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education – Basic Accreditation + 8 therapeutic areas
  • The Perfect Storm: A Recipe for Autism, ADHD & Sensory Processing (Dr. Dan Mukai, DC)

A Passion for Healthy Sleep

I am passionate about healthy sleep. I see the cascade effect poor sleep can have on every aspect of a family’s health, relationships, and quality of life. I am privileged to work with parents in such an intimate way, and I find it rewarding to provide the customized, real-life support and assistance families need to thrive.

It’s not just about achieving healthy sleep for your little one; it’s about strengthening your entire family’s relationship with sleep so that you all thrive, not just survive.

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